What is stenography?

The term ‘Stenography’ is composed of two words ‘steno’ and ‘graphy’. ‘Steno’ means
narrow ‘graphy’ means to write. So, Stenography means the art or any method of writing very quickly.

The stenography is learned in both the languages Hindi and English , Hindi Stenography is very common in Hindi speaking states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand .

Stenography was later known as Shorthand. Shorthand has been described by Sir Isaac
Pitman as ‘the art of representing spoken sounds in shorthand characters (written signs)’. Shorthand provides a way of representing every sound heard in English words. Originally the transcription of shorthand notes was done in longhand or the language script, which involved a longer time to transcribe. The transcription of shorthand notes speedily and neatly be done on either the typewriter or computer.

Stenography is an art of writing spoken words in a paper/book or we can say the writing of shorthand in the form of dictation is called Stenography. Shorthand means sound writing. Stenography is a very old language which is used in courts, ministries, government offices, companies, etc now also.

Learning Shorthand not only improves one’s employ ability, good grip on the subject, but also good command in English, Hindi or any other language in which the person is transcribing. Only key for learning Shorthand is to have a lot of patience and practicing regularly for building good speed.

After writing shorthand outlines, the matter or paragraph is thus transcribed in long hand writing(in regular English, Hindi or any other language) or in computer or in type-writer. There are huge employment opportunities in various sectors like personal assistant, senior assistant, secretary, etc. Now a days both young boys and girls are learning this beautiful language for employment and Education basis. There are various departmental exams for higher growth in short period for a Stenographer. A Stenographer is highly appreciated
and respected person. There are various types of systems in stenography language and a candidate can learn any one form of stenography. But in India, mostly Sir Isaac Pitman’s Shorthand language form is used. And this language is the oldest form of Shorthand/Stenography.


Stenography is a method of writing a speech or dictation rapidly in the form on symbols and signs on note book and then translate it again in the original form. It is of any language English, Hindi, etc. This was widely used before the era of audio recording, its relevance has not been rejected, it is still used in Parliament, intelligence department, courts for noting down immediate dictation.

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