How you can Learn stenography and become expert :

You must know stenography to pursue this art and put it on paper. In stenography, your speed is all that matters and one must be qualified to learn this coded language. You can learn stenography by various courses available. For some posts, it is mandatory to have a diploma or certificate in stenography. One of the major examinations for stenographers is SSC Grade C and D Stenographer examination for various government departments.

It is just another skill that can be learnt either for a career or for personal use and is similar to learning a new language. It is a phonetic language without alphabets but with its own set of signs called strokes, vowels, and positions to quickly note down whole words continuously. The system developed by Pitman is relatively easy to learn. Please see my answers on the subject. With the advanced technologies of today, Shorthand is less in use
professionally but it is a wonderful tool for youngsters to use effectively to jot down lectures. Etc.

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