Hindi Ashulipi Dictation Sankalan 1999


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Based on Rishi system (based on alphabet and symbols) to increase speed
Research activities have been given, using which students can easily increase their speed in shorthand.
can. For any other technical obstacle or deadlock, correspond with the author and get help.
Dictation etc. Vision compilation of the subject matter of the daily newspaper “Hindustan National
Good passages and legislation of Sahara, Dainik Bhaskar, monthly, fortnightly magazines, Kurukshetra etc.
The meetings are taken from the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.

Beginning in the book 134 with a speed of 40 words per minute to 140
Dictation exercises are given. Industrial Training Institute from page number 130 to 137 of the book
Question papers used in annual examinations of stenography trade in which shorthand practical,
Type Practical, Kagnet Hindi and Theoretical etc. have been kept as one example each, so that
To provide standard knowledge to the students.

The count of each dictation is marked on 20-20 words. where numerals are not used
There is a gap of 20-20 words by marking (/) slant (axis) at the end.
Total words have been marked which will prove helpful in speaking the dictation.
Such words have been included in the dictations which are used in Hindi language.
And Rishi Singh’s specific standard has been happening again and again in systems etc. in dictation
Lost speed through exercises when practiced with patience and confidence
will be retrieved.


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