Hindi Ashulipi Dictation Sankalan 2021 (revised edition)


* Rishi pranali
* Advanced level book
* Dictations words – 300 to 1150
* Advanced outlines are given

यह जानकारी हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें



This book is presented in a new form in itself. Which you can assess yourself.
The book contains various types of newspapers / monthly magazines / of Legislative Assembly, Lok Sabha
Excerpts from the proceedings 252 dictations based on various types of topics currently prevailing /
Dictation exercises are given.

  • On every dictation page in the book, the provisions contained in the Rishi system and the rules provided for
    Under abbreviations /syllables/  special marks / verbs/phrases and augmented alternate signs
    given in shorthand.
  • Marking the cross-axis ( / ) with a gap of 20 and 25 words at the end of the total words in the book
    are marked so that the speaker / teacher / can finish the dictation in the stipulated time.
  • Book page number 328-333 on the provisions contained in the Rishi system and the provisions of the rules
    Explanatory optional signs are given at the base. You must read
    * Stenography business under Industrial Training Institute in Hindi Stenography Dictation Compilation
    Question Papers Used in Annual Examinations (Shorthand Practical, Type Practical Kagnet Hindi
    and theory question paper) have been given, so that the students get standard knowledge.
    May be
  • Letter-forms, orders, non-official notes, for use in official work practices in the book presented.
    Presented semi-official draft papers, which you can use to practice Dictation and Typing.
    Can be used.
  • A short, simple full exercise of all the keys of the keyboard is given. This limited word and
    Complete keyboard shortcuts (except numerals) vowels, anuswars, consonants at once in a short amount of time
    The keys of the etc. get practiced.
  • Proof marking exercises have also been included in the book. words of exception in Hindi
    Speed ​​calculation sheet has also been given in the book, with the help of which trainees
    Be able to speak dictation (dictation) among themselves in the stipulated time.

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